The Biggest Blackjack Wins In History – Inspiring The Future Winning Hands

Blackjack is about winning hands, and when you say draw or stay! What, is it that simple? Of course not! A game that has been garnering global fandom, blackjack is inspiring to many. What makes blackjack victory such a momentous celebration is the chance of losing it, which is 49.10%.

Whenever we hear someone winning (read big) at a blackjack game or event, we feel our interests and curiosities piquing! We cannot hold back that feeling, and yes, they inspire amateurs like you and me to play better the next time and inch closer to that big win. Therefore, let us check out the biggest wins in the history of blackjack, and even take a lesson or two on their success and failure.

1.     Bill Kaplan and The MIT Blackjack Team – $50+ Million

What do you expect mathematicians to do at a blackjack table? Use mathematical calculations, a few permutations and combinations, and foolproof strategies to win! That’s exactly what this big team of Harvard maths grads did and took home a huge winning amount between $50 million and $100 million. But their story is more of a ploy to win at every major game from top casinos sometimes, even undercover! Their lid was blown off finally when observers took notice of them. But by then, they had whooped off a cool $500 million and had shared it well among their 80+ strong members. Their notoriety is still spoken with excitement in the blackjack circuit even though they have ceased to exist, and their stories have inspired movies.

2.     Kerry Packer – $26 Million

Kerry Packer is next on this enviable list, who set the Vegas MGM Grand on fire by winning a whopping $26 million and nothing less. He had won twice if we are to report it properly- once $40 million in 1991 and again $26 million in 1995. A lucky streak had struck him, but he made great money utilizing this opportunity. Though he had bet $250,000 on each of the eight hands he played, his lucky spell ran out soon. He incurred major losses and lost millions in the process as well. Guess this is an aspect no one talks about!

3.     Don Johnson – $15.1 Million

This story is slightly different from the other winners, as Don Johnson was already a millionaire and the CEO of Heritage Development before he won $15.1 Million in Blackjack. Secondly, he had won this over 5 months and not on a single night. His specialty lay in how he avidly strategized in betting on the cards. He had specific house rules and tried his best to split a high hand into four or even went on to place double his bets. He has obviously lost many games, but he took risks and won more times, leading to this whopping victory. A true story of persistent betting and planning, we say!

4.     Ken U – $4.5 Million

Next in this list is Ken Uston, who the fellow players revere as a strategy king. He used exceptional math skills and card-counting techniques that wowed everyone he had ever played with! He ruled the blackjack tables in Vegas between 1975 and 1981 and was the predecessor of the MIT team.

5.     Shoeless Joe – $1.5 Million

‘Shoeless Joe’ was an anonymous homeless man who used his security cheque of $400 to bet at a Treasure Island casino. He got into the casino without a shoe, leading to the media christening him as a Shoeless Joe. The year was 1995, and he won a breathtaking $1.5 million on one lucky night. He used the split 10s and doubled down the hard 12s and 13s. This, of course, even led him to lose a lot eventually. Yet, he had his one night of success.

Factors to Consider While Playing Blackjack

All of these success stories highlight the risks of playing the Blackjack game. You may understand it easily and even the hands. However, you may need assistance understanding the best techniques to use and more, which we shall enumerate now.

Get the Basics Right

Place a bet on the betting areas. When you and your fellow bettors get two cards each, the dealer gets one. The person whose sum of two cards is closest to 21 hits the blackjack win. However, you can continue to draw the cards until the tally improves.

Know when to double your bets on the two-card combination. You may split any pair, especially if one of the cards is a 10. There are also terms like Insurance and all, which need proper comprehension.

Know About Insurance

This term may seem appealing to many, but do not understand it. Therefore, you may place a new bet with extra money this way. The catch is that the house gets a 6% advantage over the player, and you do not get a better deal from it! This said, even experts will have to fight against a 0.5% advantage of the casino, as per the report by Investopedia. There will be a neutral outcome only from a monetary perspective.

Go for a Reliable Casino

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