Men’s Walking Shoes: Tips To Choose Walking Shoes That Match Your Outfit & Personality

Having the perfect outfit you are extremely confident of pulling off is great! But do you have the right shoes to go along? The moment you step out of your home, your ensemble will be assessed head to toe. So, how do you make sure you nail your look? When it comes to men’s fashion, matching shoes with the outfit may be overlooked by some. But to stand out from the crowd and elevate your game, you need to have the right pair of men’s walking shoes. And we don’t mean to say that having one type of footwear works well with everything in your wardrobe. Having a few different pairs of men’s walking shoes that mix and match well with several outfits is the art you need to learn. This guide will give you a rundown of colour theory, outfit coordination with shoes, and some bonus fashion tips. Read on and see your confidence soar with the right fashion elements.

Basic Colour Theory: Explained

No matter how cliche it may sound, knowing colour theory is crucial to creating the right look. You can use several colour combinations in your clothes and footwear. When choosing what to wear, consider how the colours will go with each other. Colours on opposite sides of the colour wheel create a striking look when combined. Examples include red and green or blue or orange. On the other hand, neutral colours like black, beige, white, and grey go well when paired with several different colours, especially bold ones. Look at your wardrobe closely and see if it consists of bright colours, warm tones, or cool tones. Accordingly, you need to have a couple of men’s walking shoes that complement your outfits.

Coordinating Shoes with Outfit

Well-chosen shoes are an essential element for sharp dressing. And it may seem daunting, but these coordination tips will help you ace your look.

1. Basics are Always “In”

Whether you need to attend a formal or casual event, you can never go wrong with the basics. Having men’s walking shoes in colours of black, white, navy, or brown in your closet serves well. You never have to spend a lot of time wondering what shoes will go with your clothes since such tones perfectly go along with almost any colour.

2. Accessorise Well

An overlooked aspect of men’s fashion is matching your accessories with shoes. Many people struggle to find the right belt or cap that will match well with their shoes. Say, you have a neutral-tone outfit and brightly-coloured men’s walking shoes. You can easily pull off a brightly coloured cap with the right shades to create the perfect look. Or, you can wear a leather belt, the same as the colour of your shoes, to complete your formal look.

3. The One-Option Rule

It can be highly confusing whether you should match your footwear with the top or bottom of your outfit. The best way is to pair up men’s walking shoes with one of these options in mind. It reduces the probability of alternative thinking and leaves fewer chances for a bad ensemble. For example, if you are wearing a black t-shirt and blue jeans, then simply pick black shoes.

4. Magic of Contrasts

Unlike many men, if you are willing to experiment with your fashion game, you might just pull off a great look. Contrasting combinations are bold, break the rules, and need to be pulled off effortlessly. If you are sporting a dark-coloured outfit, pair it with light-coloured men’s walking shoes. This unconventional approach to fashion will make you stand out in panache.

Fashion Mistakes to Avoid When Matching Shoes & Outfits

When pairing up shoes, outfits, and accessories, you may end up making some blunders. Here are a few fashion faux pas to avoid at any cost:

Don’t mix and match the colours of your shoes and outfits too much. Start slow and see what’s working best for your personality.

Make sure to buy men’s walking shoes and clothes that fit you well and reflect your sense of style.
While flashy accessories work well sometimes, don’t experiment too much unless you are completely sure. It will only take away the attention from your overall look.
Consider the occasion before choosing the footwear and outfit to wear. You don’t want to be frowned upon, especially in a formal setting.


Your footwear is an important element in your ensemble. Shoes are necessarily a trademark of your fashion sense, as they can make or break your look. Choosing men’s walking shoes that complement your outfits and accessories may seem challenging at first. But gaining an understanding of colour theory can make your colour combination choices better. The tips mentioned in this guide will help you create a cohesive look. Don’t hesitate to experiment with different colours and styles to figure out what works best for you. Lastly, slay in confidence!

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