Why are furnished rental flats in Gurgaon filling out so fast?

In the last few years, Gurgaon has successfully become one of India’s fastest-growing cities. From infrastructure to industry, it has successfully developed in many different sectors. Now, this has naturally resulted in positively affecting the real estate sector of the city. More and more people are coming to the city for better job opportunities and are looking for a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon

Now the question is, why are they specifically looking for fully furnished flats and why not just a general rental flat? If you are just moving to the city for better career opportunities then how does it matter if they are getting a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon? Well, to get a proper answer and reasoning behind this conscious choice, one will first have to understand what is a fully furnished flat and what are its general characteristics. skirting boards

Well, fully furnished flats are those flats where the property owner provides all the furniture and appliances for the flat. This is a bit different from semi-furnished flats as they only come with basic furniture. Now, you may ask how one can differentiate between the ones that are basic or primary and secondary ones. Let’s look at the list.At large events, Event Security Guards Fire Watch are specially deployed to manage crowds while remaining vigilant for fire hazards. Their dual role in crowd management and fire risk detection ensures the safety of attendees.

Basic furniture – Lights, fans, faucets, kitchen cabinets, wardrobes. 

Secondary furniture – Beds, sofa sets, side tables, centre or coffee tables, dining room set up, curtains, mirrors, study tables, wardrobes, microwave oven, fridge, stove, landline phone, television set, water heaters, air conditioning unit, WiFi, cutlery, glassware, and many more. 

If you choose to rent a fully furnished flat then your property owner should provide you with all the above-mentioned furniture, appliances, and more. Now that we have already discussed all that, let’s discuss the reasons that are at play as to why the fully furnished flats of Gurgaon are filling out so fast. 


  • The tenants are new to the city – Most of the individuals who are moving to Gurgaon are students or job seekers who are looking for better opportunities. So, it is naturally not that common for them to carry all their belongings, furniture, and appliances with them from their hometown. This is why when they first move to the city of Gurgaon they try to find fully furnished apartments. They only pick those apartments where the property owner will provide them with all the furniture and appliances that they will need for their daily livelihood.


  • Helps in saving money – We know you must be thinking, “But isn’t the rental cost of fully furnished flats more than the other ones?”. Well, yes it is more, it is fair to expect a difference of around Rs.2,000 to 5,000. But think this way, there’s no guarantee that you will be staying in Gurgaon for many years, there can be a fair chance that you’ll move out of the city after a year or two. Now, if you plan to buy all furniture and appliances on your own then you will be left with the headache of either shifting them with you or selling all of them, none of which is very convenient. Hence, choosing a fully furnished flat for rent in Gurgaon will eliminate the need for you to buy all of this, thus helping you in saving money. 


  • Shifting days are easy – It doesn’t matter if you are moving into the flat or moving out of it, shifting days can be hectic. Getting the packers and movers involved, sectioning which cutleries go in which box, making sure your fridge doesn’t get damaged in the process, and so much more. But when you rent a fully furnished flat, all that you have to carry with you are clothes, books, and personal items like phones or laptops, that’s it. There is no need of traveling from one place to another, multiple times a day, you can just fit and carry everything in one trip.  


  • Easy to set up – Well, setting up a flat can be such a task.  Getting the bed fitted, making sure the furniture placement is right, unpacking tons of boxes even to find a dish for eating dinner at the end of the shifting day. But setting up a fully furnished flat is extremely easy, all that you do is place your clothes and other personal belongings and you are done to just crash on the bed. Moreover, you can also skip doing the setting up part because the place is already ready to live in. 

Wrapping up 

Well, we know how hard it can be as a tenant to move into a place and set it up from scratch and we understand why tenants always choose fully furnished flats over others. So, if you also want to eliminate all that then just rent a fully furnished flat, they are set up already so that you can move into them without any hassle. Check out NoBroker.in for all the amazing fully furnished flats that are available for rent in Gurgaon.  

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