Rajkotupdates.news : PUBG Developer Krafton has Filed a Lawsuit Against Garena Free Fire

Krafton, the South Korean game developer behind the popular mobile game, PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds (PUBG), has filed a lawsuit against Garena Free Fire, another mobile game that has gained immense popularity over the past year. The lawsuit alleges that Garena Free Fire has copied elements of PUBG, such as the game’s interface, characters, and gameplay.


PUBG was released in 2017 and quickly became one of the most popular games in the world. The game was a battle royale-style game where players are dropped onto an island and must scavenge for weapons and resources while avoiding other players. The last player or team standing wins the game. The game’s success spawned several other battle royale-style games, including Garena Free Fire.

Garena Free Fire was released in 2017 by the Singaporean game developer Garena. The game has gained immense popularity over the past year, particularly in Southeast Asia and Latin America. The game has similar gameplay to PUBG but with some differences, such as shorter game times and smaller maps.

The Lawsuit

Krafton’s lawsuit alleges that Garena Free Fire has copied several elements of PUBG. The lawsuit claims that Garena Free Fire’s interface, characters, and gameplay are all similar to PUBG. The lawsuit also alleges that Garena Free Fire has copied elements from other popular games, including Fortnite and Apex Legends.

Krafton is seeking damages from Garena for copyright infringement and unfair competition. The company is also seeking an injunction to prevent Garena from continuing to use elements from PUBG in its game.

Garena’s Response

Garena has not yet responded to the lawsuit publicly. However, the company has previously denied allegations of copyright infringement in a statement released in 2019.

The Future of the Lawsuit

It is unclear how the lawsuit will proceed at this time. However, the lawsuit highlights the ongoing debate in the gaming industry over the use of similar elements in different games. Many developers have been accused of copying elements from other games, and lawsuits like this one are likely to become more common in the future.

Similarities and Differences Between PUBG and Garena Free Fire

Both PUBG and Garena Free Fire are battle royale games in which players must compete against each other to be the last person or team standing. They feature similar gameplay mechanics, such as looting weapons and supplies, shrinking play zones, and environmental hazards.

However, there are also notable differences between the two games. PUBG is a more realistic and tactical game that requires players to make strategic decisions based on the available resources and terrain. Garena Free Fire, on the other hand, is a more fast-paced and arcade-style game that emphasizes action and agility.

Other Games Accused of Copying Elements From PUBG

PUBG has been the subject of several lawsuits against other video game developers who were accused of copying elements from the game without permission. One of the most notable cases was against Epic Games, the developer of Fortnite, who was accused of copying the “battle royale” gameplay mode from PUBG.

Other games that have been accused of copying elements from PUBG include Rules of Survival, Knives Out, and Free Fire. These accusations have sparked debates about the originality of video game concepts and the role of copyright law in the gaming industry.

Impact of The Lawsuit on The Gaming Industry

The lawsuit between Krafton and Garena could have significant implications for the gaming industry, particularly in terms of copyright and intellectual property law. If Krafton is successful in proving that Garena Free Fire copied elements from PUBG, it could set a precedent for other video game developers to pursue legal action against competitors who use similar gameplay mechanics or visual elements.

On the other hand, if Garena is able to defend itself against the accusations, it could set a precedent for more lenient interpretations of copyright law in the gaming industry. Either way, the lawsuit is likely to have a lasting impact on the way that video game developers approach intellectual property issues.


Krafton’s lawsuit against Garena Free Fire highlights the ongoing debate over the use of similar elements in different games. While it remains to be seen how the lawsuit will proceed, it is clear that game developers will need to be increasingly careful when creating games to avoid accusations of copyright infringement and unfair competition

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