How the Warriors Outsmarted LA: A Breakdown of the Lakers’ Loss to Golden State


  1. Overview of the Lakers’ Game 2 Loss 

  2. Analysis of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ Performance 

  3. Impact of the Warriors’ “Gold Blooded” Mentality on the Outcome of the Game 

  4. How Can The Lakers Bounce Back From This Setback 

  5. What Are The Chances Of A Comeback For The Lakers In This Series


Overview of the Lakers’ Game 2 Loss 

The Golden State Warriors showed resilience by not giving up easily in their game against the Lakers, which was a tough challenge. This was exemplified by the fans in their Gold Blooded shirts cheering them on passionately.

The Lakers lost Game 2 against the Golden State Warriors, resulting in a tie in the playoff series. The Warriors played exceptionally well, defeating the Lakers 127-100. This was a missed opportunity for the Lakers to make significant progress in the Western Conference semifinals.

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After the game, Lakers coach Darvin Ham said, “I expect our team to respond.” The Lakers need to respond quickly, especially since they have a winning streak of nine straight series when tied 1-1, which is the longest in NBA history. However, this series no longer feels like it is tied. The next two games will be played at Arena beginning on Saturday, but it seems unlikely that the Lakers will be able to easily defeat their tired Northern California rivals.

Analysis of LeBron James and Anthony Davis’ Performance 

The game boiled down to the Warriors relying on their key players – Klay Thompson’s impressive rainbow three, Stephen Curry’s falling-down three, and Draymond Green’s grinding rebound. Meanwhile, Anthony Davis struggled to make an impact and was swarmed by the Warriors defense, resulting in only 11 points on 11 shots and four turnovers. This ultimately gave the Warriors the best chance to win the series.

According to Warriors coach Steve Kerr, the Lakers are a very large and physical team 

The Warriors wanted to win the game, so they made sure they had big players who could compete. This plan worked and the Lakers felt like they had already lost, so they did not try as hard. However, it remains to be seen if this strategy will be effective in future games.

Impact of the Warriors’ “Gold Blooded” Mentality on the Outcome of the Game 

The Lakers didn’t have much contribution from most of their players, apart from James’ 23 points and Hachimura’s 21 points with four three-pointers. Ham commented that the team seemed to stagnate a bit and were unable to play aggressively due to the other team’s defense crowding the paint. However, Davis felt differently and stated that he didn’t feel crowded and it was his own performance that was lacking, rather than external factors.

How Can The Lakers Bounce Back From This Setback 

Davis stated that he missed all the shots he took in Game 1 despite having the same opportunities as before. On the other hand, Thompson scored 30 points and six players from the Warriors had over 10 points. The Warriors had 15 more rebounds than the Lakers. They also scored 6 more points close to the basket and 5 more points from second chances. 

The Lakers were not doing well in any part of the game

Kerr said that the team played a straightforward game of basketball and executed it with force and aggression, while still making well-informed decisions. Additionally, he acknowledged the players’ pride, which drove them to avoid being defeated by AD in the second game.  Ham added that the team knew the Warriors would come back strong after the loss, and they did come back strong, and viewers were able to place good casino online betting play basketball-themed slots and make good money.

The Warriors made adjustments in their interior defense with the help of Draymond Green and JaMychal Green. Now, it’s time for the Lakers to make their own adjustments. Ham mentioned that they will go back to the drawing board, and he should have a lot of ideas. The Lakers only have one day of rest between games, which is not in favor of James. Moreover, the Lakers’ defense is not fast enough to match the speed of Curry and Thompson. Also, JaMychal Green scored 15 points with three three-point shots, so the Lakers need to come up with a better plan.

Ham said that their task would not be easy, but reaching this point in the season requires determination. 

The Warriors focused on stopping Davis, limiting him to one basket in the first quarter and causing him to have more turnovers (three) than baskets (two) by halftime. Despite the Lakers leading by seven at the end of the quarter, they lost their momentum without Davis’s impact.

In the second quarter, the Warriors started aggressively attacking the basket and Davis. 

Thompson contributed by making three-point shots from afar and the Lakers struggled to keep up. The Warriors outscored the Lakers 41-23 during that period. The Warriors continued this momentum in the second half, scoring 19 more points than the Lakers during the third quarter. James appeared unhappy, Davis appeared to be struggling, and someone named Moses Moody made a dunk. By the end of the third quarter, the Lakers were behind by 30 points, meaning that the last twelve minutes of the game were not necessary.

What Are The Chances Of A Comeback For The Lakers In This Series

Although Ham pulled the starters before the fourth quarter, the Warriors continued to dominate the game. With 9:43 remaining, Curry made a three-pointer while being fouled by Malik Beasley, causing him and the rest of the team to laugh. James acknowledged that the Warriors played exceptionally well, while their own team did not.

The Warriors had a diverse range of players and this was reflected by their announcer.

 During the first announcement, the scoreboard showed an image of a messy-looking Danny DeVito. In the second quarter, the scoreboard displayed the image of Joe Montana, who is still considered a popular and iconic figure. This demonstrated how the team had a variety of celebrity supporters, similar to the team’s versatility in playing basketball.

Kerr expressed confidence in his team’s ability to adjust and respond to being behind in the series before the game. The Warriors then went on to dominate and show the Lakers what they are capable of. Despite the Lakers’ record of winning 25 consecutive series after winning the first game, the Warriors are not to be underestimated, and the series is far from over.


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