Know Biography of Ginger Alden – The Last Love of Elvis Presley

Elvis Presley, also known as the King of Rock and Roll, was one of the most iconic musicians of the 20th century. His music and performances captured the hearts of millions of people around the world. However, his personal life was often shrouded in mystery and controversy. One of the most intriguing figures in his personal life was Ginger Alden, the woman who was with him during the last few months of his life. In this article, we will explore the life of Ginger Alden, from her childhood to her relationship with Elvis Presley and beyond.

Ginger Alden Biography

Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden was born on November 13, 1956, in Memphis, Tennessee. She was the daughter of Vernon Alden, a prominent businessman, and his wife, Jo Alden. Ginger grew up in a privileged and affluent family, and she was exposed to the entertainment industry from a young age.

Childhood and Education

Ginger Alden spent most of her childhood in Memphis, Tennessee, and attended Memphis State University. She was an excellent student and was known for her intelligence and creativity.

Family and Relationships

Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden came from a close-knit family, and she was particularly close to her younger brother, Steven. Her parents were also very supportive of her career aspirations, and they encouraged her to pursue modeling and acting.

Ginger’s personal life was also marked by several high-profile relationships. She was engaged to the actor Ron Leyser in the early 1970s, but the relationship ended before they could get married.

Early Life and Career

Ginger Alden was born on November 13, 1956, in Memphis, Tennessee. Her father, William Alden, was a well-known pilot, and her mother, Jo Collins, was a former beauty queen. Ginger grew up in a privileged environment and was exposed to the world of entertainment from a young age. Her mother had a successful career as a model and actress, and Ginger often accompanied her to photo shoots and movie sets.

Despite her early exposure to the entertainment industry, Ginger decided to pursue a career in education. She attended Memphis State University, where she earned a degree in early childhood education. After graduation, she worked as a preschool teacher before deciding to try her luck in Hollywood.

Meeting Elvis Presley

Ginger Alden

Ginger Alden’s life changed forever when she met Elvis Presley in 1976. At the time, she was only 19 years old, and Elvis was already a legend in the music industry. They met at a movie screening in Memphis, and Elvis was immediately drawn to Ginger’s beauty and charm. They began dating, and their relationship quickly became serious.

Despite their age difference, Elvis and Ginger had a strong connection. Elvis showered her with gifts and attention, and Ginger was swept off her feet by his charisma and charm. She soon became a regular presence in his life, accompanying him on tours and spending time with him at Graceland, his famous estate in Memphis.

Ginger Alden and Elvis Presley’s Relationship

Ginger Alden and Elvis Presley’s relationship was a whirlwind romance that captured the attention of the world. They were engaged to be married in January 1977, and Elvis had plans to settle down with Ginger and start a family. Ginger has described their relationship as a loving and supportive partnership, with Elvis encouraging her to pursue her dreams and passions.

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Life with Elvis Presley

Ginger Alden’s life with Elvis Presley was both glamorous and challenging. She enjoyed the perks of being with a superstar, but she also had to deal with the pressures of being in the public eye. Elvis’s fans were fiercely loyal, and they often scrutinized every aspect of his personal life. Ginger had to learn how to navigate this new world, and she did so with grace and poise.

Their relationship was not without its challenges, however. Elvis had a history of drug abuse and health problems, and Ginger had to deal with the fallout from his addiction. She often had to take care of him when he was sick or in pain, and she saw firsthand the toll that his lifestyle was taking on his health.

Elvis Presley’s Proposal and Ginger Alden’s Response

Ginger Alden

Elvis Presley proposed to Ginger Alden on January 26, 1977, while they were in the bathroom of his Graceland mansion. He presented her with a diamond ring and asked her to be his wife. Ginger was overjoyed and said yes, but their engagement was short-lived, as Elvis passed away just months later. The engagement ring remains one of Ginger’s most cherished possessions.

The Tragic End

The relationship between Ginger Alden and Elvis Presley came to a tragic end on August 16, 1977, when Elvis was found dead at Graceland. Ginger was the last person to see him alive, and she was devastated by his sudden death. She later wrote a book about their relationship, in which she detailed the events leading up to his death and her own struggles to come to terms with it. The circumstances surrounding Elvis’s death have been the subject of much speculation and controversy over the years.

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Life After Elvis

After Elvis’s death, Ginger Alden struggled to find her place in the world. She was grieving the loss of the man she loved, and she was also dealing with the aftermath of being in the public eye. She tried to pursue a career in acting, but she found it difficult to be taken seriously as an actress. She also struggled with her own personal demons, including addiction and depression.

In the years following Elvis’s death, Ginger continued to be involved in the Elvis Presley fan community. She attended events and conventions, and she spoke about her experiences with Elvis in interviews and on television. She also became involved in charity work, supporting causes that were important to her and to Elvis.

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When did Ginger Alden meet Elvis Presley?

Ginger Alden met Elvis Presley in 1976 when she was 20 years old.

How long were Elvis and Ginger together?

Elvis and Ginger were together for just over eight months, from their first meeting in 1976 until Elvis’s death in 1977.

What happened to Ginger Alden after Elvis’s death?

After Elvis’s death, Ginger Alden continued to work in the entertainment industry, but her career never took off in the way that she had hoped for. She also wrote a book about her relationship with Elvis, titled “Elvis and Ginger: Elvis Presley’s Fiancee and Last Love Finally Tells Her Story.”


Ginger Alden was the last love of Elvis Presley, and their relationship was short-lived but significant. Ginger was a talented model and actress, but her career never took off in the way that she had hoped. However, she will always be remembered for her relationship with the King of Rock and Roll and for her place in his life in the final months before his untimely death.

Ginger’s book, “Elvis and Ginger,” provides a unique perspective on their relationship, and it gives readers an insight into what it was like to be with Elvis in the final months of his life. Ginger’s story is a reminder that even the most famous and successful people in the world can find love and happiness, but that those moments can be fleeting and bittersweet.

In conclusion, Ginger Alden’s life and career were shaped by her relationship with Elvis Presley, and she will always be remembered as the last love of the King of Rock and Roll.

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