Best Punjabi Dishes to Not Miss Out in Mumbai

Mumbai is undeniably a city of food lovers. The overall love of food of Mumbaikars can be easily witnessed across all nooks & corners of the city. The mix of traditional and cosmopolitan cultures of the city is reflected in the wide range of famous restaurants and eateries you would love to visit to try out something new every time.  

 If you are fond of Punjabi cuisines, you will love visiting the top-end Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai that leave no stone unturned when it comes to delighting your taste buds. The diverse city is home to a number of Punjabi restaurants serving a delectable range of both traditional and contemporary dishes. An increasing popularity of the wide range of Punjabi dishes across boundaries has made it a highly sought-after cuisine even in Mumbai.  

 Relish the Flavours of the Best Punjabi Dishes in Mumbai 

 The rich, flavourful heritage of divine Punjabi dishes is characterised by aromatic, creamy gravy along with luscious tandoori dishes, the use of generous amounts of ghee or butter, and the intense stuffing of their ever-delicious Paranthas. There is no denying the ever-famous Lassi that has found its special place in the hearts of one and all. 

 When in Mumbai, some of the must-have Punjabi dishes to try out at the famous Punjabi restaurants are: 

 1.Amritsari Kulcha 

 Flaky, crispy, and warm on the outside and supremely soft and delicious on the inside, it is a great way to start your day. The dish is best served out of the tandoor and best enjoyed with a dense curry of white chickpeas with mild spiciness. The delicious Chhole is cooked in a savoury curry prepared out of onions and other veggies. You can enjoy Amritsari Kulcha with a creamy bowl of Kulcha, butter, and coriander & mint chutney.  

Pair a delicious plate of Amritsari Kulcha with a fuller glass of Lassi and you can make way to a hearty start to your entire day. Usually, the Kulchas are laden with chopped chillies, onions, coriander, and tonnes of ghee.   

When in Mumbai, some of the must-visit places to try out this scrumptious dish are Pritam Da Dhaba and Oye Kiddan. 

 2.Matar Paneer 

 It is a popular North Indian vegetarian dish. You can relish it even more when you have the dish with a classic Punjabi tadka. The delicious dish is prepared with soft paneer cheese and peas in a rich tomato sauce spiced with Garam Masala. The rich, thick, delicious curry is a famous specialty of Punjab and served across multiple Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai. 

Traditionally, the veg curry is ordered either for dinner or lunch along with the staple rice, Tawa Chapati, or Tandoori Roti.  

 Variations in the dish are endless. You can order Matar Paneer featuring the richness of cream, corn, or yogurt to bring about creaminess and thickness of the dish. Mint leaves are added on top to impart the dish a refreshing flavour.  

 3.Butter Chicken 

It is regarded as the King of all Punjabi dishes. Punjabi restaurants across Mumbai serve unique versions of Butter Chicken to delight your taste buds. The restaurants in the city continue recreating this iconic dish in the famous kitchens. With its rich, creamy texture, the authentic aroma of tonnes of butter and the divine Kasturi Methi, and succulent pieces of meat, this flavourful dish is assured to blow your mind. 

 As you order a plate of Butter Chicken from the best Punjabi restaurants in Mumbai, make sure that you also order the classic Naan or Rumaali Roti. The rich, creamy dish is lightly to deliciously spiced to  

 4.Saag Paneer 

Punjabi Saag Paneer is a popular vegetable curry incorporating the delicious flavours of diced paneer cheese dipped in a creamy mixture of fresh, green leafy veggies, popularly known as the Saag. The rich gravy is typically prepared with a blend of green veggies like Methi, Bathua, Spinach, Mustard, Collard Greens, or Fenugreek, all mashed and implemented with a tomato paste and a rich spicy curry. 

In India, the Saag Paneer recipe hails from the state of Punjab while spreading out its popularity to other regions, including Mumbai. The Paneer version of the dish is one of the several varieties incorporating the fragrant and colourful curry base. The dish can be enjoyed as a rich gravy in accompaniment to the staple Roti, Naan, Rumaali Roti, or even rice.  

 5.Daal Makhni 

 With its origins in Punjab, Daal Makhni is one of the most sought-after Punjabi dishes with a bowl full of rice or even Rotis. The dish features a thick curry made out of red kidney beans and black lentils. The flavourful curry is made by adding a good amount of ghee along with multiple seasonings like chilli and ginger-garlic paste. The gravy is cooked slowly in a thick tomato base.  

 The term Makhni is derived from butter or a drizzling mix of butter and ghee imparting the intense, velvety texture of the dish. 

 4.Kesar Lassi 

 Lassi is a famous Punjabi beverage that is readily available across famous Punjabi restaurants of Mumbai. It is a yogurt-based milkshake that is seasoned beautifully with sweet, freshening condiments like dry fruits, cardamom, and even fruit pulp. The yogurt is initially drained out of whey and eventually churned until it becomes light and smooth in the overall consistency. Yogurt thickens naturally.   

A classic glass of Lassi is seasoned with cardamom, malai or cream, saffron, and sugar. It is a staple following a heavy meal or breakfast. The beverage keeps in line with the culture of dairy farming in Punjab. In different Punjabi restaurants across Mumbai, Mango Lassi is a favourite beverage during the summer months.   


With a myriad of Punjabi restaurants to try out in the city, you can enjoy the classic Punjabi cuisine any time you want. Whether you head to the restaurant or order food online from Swiggy, there are endless options to choose from. With online food delivery services at your disposal, relish the divine flavours of your favourite Punjabi dishes from the best restaurants.  

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